Friday, August 31, 2007

"Hudson Piers"

Sunny morning's sight from the banks of the Hudson River, a two minutes walk from my dorm.

"Star-Spangled Banner"

Look out of your windows, watch the skies
Read all the instructions with bright blue eyes
Were W.A.S.P.s, proud American sons
We know how to clean our teeth and how to strip down a gun
We're the 51st state of America
Our star-spangled Union Jack flutters so proud
Over the dancing heads of the merry patriotic crowd
Tip your hat to the Yankee conqueror
We've got no reds under the bed with guns under our pillows
We're the 51st state of America
Here in the land of opportunity
Watch US revel in our liberty
You can say what you like
But it doesn't change anything
'Cos the corridors of power
Are an ocean away
We're the 51st state of America

(New Model Army, 1986)

"Satanic Creation"

Americans love airconditioning! It is one of their favourite sports to drive Europeans crazy, methinks.

"Greenwich Village"

My block! One of the loveliest parts of The City.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Upon Arrival"

There she is! I finally arrived in New York! Well ... parts of me did. My suitcase is still somewhere on its way between continental Europe, Bangladesh, the Fuji Islands and the JFK airport ... Or - hopefully but rather unlikely - on its way from the airport to my dorm, transported by an incredibly well organized delivery company.
That was what Anne just said to me on the phone. Anne is working for the customer service in the British Airways lost-and-found department. Anne is really friendly when she finally gets to talk to me, after I spent like ages listening to relaxing yoga-music waiting for a free slot. That's what I do since Monday morning. Talking to Anne became kind of a ritual since my arrival. I always enjoy listening to her fruitful advices. I do especially like the part in the end of our little early morning conversations, when she goes 'Sorry, I really can't tell you when your case is going to be delivered. But I am sure they do their best and it is going to be delivered soon. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Well, let's see - I need to get my nails done and there is this review that still needs to be written ... I mean, isn't it enough that you have to run after your lost luggage? But it is very kind of Anne to ask me whether there is anything else she could do for me. Very kind. You see, I am practicing the fine art of patience since Sunday afternoon.

Apart from that little but crucial inconvenience (my internet cable was in there, I finally decided to buy a new one today), living in Manhattan is great! I already took many nice photos I am unable to show you because of course my camera cable is still inside the suitcase, too, I honestly hope people in Bombay have fun with it.

I spent the last couple of days walking around town, getting used to the new things to love (all those people, and those wonderful fire-steps outside those huge buildings) and hate (air-conditioning) in The City. I almost got talked into a game of chess at Washington Square Park and I had my very first starbucks coffee on Broadway and felt very American ordering it. I also finished to read Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Big Country" to find out that he is right about almost everything. I especially appreciated the customer service hotline chapter ... I also spent a lot of time walking down random streets, I walked to the Empire State and went to the Hudson River peers at night and enjoyed the beauty of the screaming citylights - already feeling a little bit at home ... Gotham City rocks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Bye, bye, Neukölln"

Three days to go. The temperature is rising. Vel's first impressions are on my inner screen on this rainy day in Berlin. Restlessness. The hungry lion is turning back and forth in his cage, eagerly waiting for his tamer to open the lattice, hackles raised ... .

Monday, August 20, 2007

"Young And Gifted"

Cheerio, friends and enemies of modern music!

Der Countdown läuft ... .

Six days to go until I hit the road again. Time to say goodbye to friends and mates in the °bigbadciddy° (Berlin). Time to get ready to rumble! Time to run eagerly over the pages of my new "lonely planet - New York", still smelling of fresh print and a little too clean air-conditioning of the big city centre bookstore. Time to go over my spidery notes about Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves To Death" again - in order to prepare for one of the NYU seminars on media criticism I am going to attend. Time for Berlin-Follies. Time to jack in!

Anyone who fancies to join me every once in a while is most welcome to read this blog.
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I love you all!