Monday, August 20, 2007

"Young And Gifted"

Cheerio, friends and enemies of modern music!

Der Countdown läuft ... .

Six days to go until I hit the road again. Time to say goodbye to friends and mates in the °bigbadciddy° (Berlin). Time to get ready to rumble! Time to run eagerly over the pages of my new "lonely planet - New York", still smelling of fresh print and a little too clean air-conditioning of the big city centre bookstore. Time to go over my spidery notes about Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves To Death" again - in order to prepare for one of the NYU seminars on media criticism I am going to attend. Time for Berlin-Follies. Time to jack in!

Anyone who fancies to join me every once in a while is most welcome to read this blog.
Any questions, problems, suggestions, fan-mail, love letters, hate-mail, fleer and derision are always welcome in the comments section of this timeless toy.

I love you all!



veloner said...

I love you all - when finding yourself saying these American prayers, it's about time you come and join US who have been preparing the bigger citywithin the last three days. I love it. I absolutely seem to love it.

~SaS~ said...

hehe, at least someone recognized the american prayer... just joined YOU! I am on my way....