Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Antifascistic Demo In Neukölln Cancelled - Citizen Angry"

I should be on my way to a public demonstration AGAINST fascism and anti-semitism in Germany now. This was organized by the social democratic youth party JUSOS in Berlin-Neukölln. It was cancelled though, as the organizers were afraid of a counter-demo of the black flock, the right-wings, and the islamo-fascists.

As a result, people in Berlin who believe in their democratic values are very, very angry now. But we wont let any radical fringe groups dictate our opinions anymore, we had that in 20th century, and at least some of us learned from history.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


An intriguing movie on history and memory, the gruesome truth about any kind of warfare, an intense piece of art.

Watch it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Shameless Link: German Documentary On Scientology And Radical Totalitarian Ideology"

... learn German and watch this!


Parts are in English though, ex-victim's reporting.

Oh, and by the way, satire and irony are again regarded as tools of enlightenment.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Digital Archaeology (1): Something More Funny, Just Dug Out Of The Web"

"I usually wouldn't be here, but the server are down."

That probably characterizes the cynical state of Being of several thousands of global citizen these days. Current data says that more than 11 000 000 are part of the New World (Of Warcraft). Now go ahead, judge, conclude, act. Maximize advantages, minimize disadvantages of this new cmc opportunity.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"German Police - Blind On One Eye?!"

There is currently a huge debate among a large number of German citizen who tended to believe in their democracy and in the executive also appreciating this political system as something that brings the highest safety and fairness for most people.

Now we had several public demonstrations dealing with the (wrong!) war in Israel and Gaza. Hamas flags were allowed, yet Israel flags were torn down by special forces who aggressively entered flats - which is a crime if there is no "danger in delay". Now public resentments are rising. And I am curious how the respective forces will deal with this in the future. Probably things are hushed up, as usual. :(

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Announcement - Shall Attend: Judith Butler Lecture at Dahlem Humanities Center"

Folks, I am rather excited about the evening plans for February 3rd now. Me and Miss Sunshine are planning to attend Judith Butler's lecture here in Berlin.

Expectations: An inspiring evening in academic atmosphere, going home with a head full of new questions.

Dreamy Fantasies: She will recognize me, talk to me, and congratulate me to my brilliant masters thesis ideas, before inviting me over to EGS or Berkeley for tutoring her future seminars whilst I prepare my PhD.

Fears: It's going to be crowded, the micro does not work and she is in a grumpy mood, the lecture will be really boring - which we wont even know, because we will slip on the melting ice of the streets of Neukölln, miss the trains to university, be too late to get into the conference hall, have to walk back in the rain because we lost our ticket whilst slipping. Both of us will catch a nasty flu that makes us unable to fulfill our current tasks (thesis, termpapers) which will delay the end of our studies even further which will lead to the fact that we will never successfully enter a career.

Right now I just hope the evening will live up to my expectations somehow. I shall report.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Did You Know 2.0"

"Long Island Revisited: Sharing Peter's Story"

Peter Bové - Biography

When he was just twelve years old Peter Bové circumnavigated the globe in a solar powered Radio Flyer of his own design. The Pentagon for obvious reasons of national security quickly squashed news of the event. Later at age fifteen he traveled to Tibet to study with the Dalai Lama, who called him "Little Joe". No one will say why. Attempts to understand the mysterious moniker is made more elusive by virtue of the fact that Mr. Bové is nearly 6'4". He returned to the USA in 1978 and attended Parsons School of Design and the New School to study fine art. Before graduating he began to show and sell his work. In 1979 Mr. Bové applied for and received an Art in Public Places grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for a mural that was designed and placed in the Greenville-Spartanburg Jetport in Greenville, South Carolina. The twenty-four foot mural entitled 'Right Bank View' was deemed too political by the Airport association. Mr. Bové was deemed as 'too Jewish' and the Mural was removed. It now hangs in the lobby of the Arts & Sciences Building at USCS in Columbia, SC.

Mr. Bové was born a Roman Catholic and is now a Saturdayist Buddhist. A sect of Buddhism he has founded based on the belief in Saturday. He quotes: "I believe in Saturday because as a kid it was the one thing that made sense. On Saturday I would play football or baseball with my friends. Sometimes we would play army or just fly kites but mostly it was baseball. Sometimes we would play on Sunday, but I didn't believe in Sunday as much as I did in Saturday because on Sunday I had to attend church. Growing up, nothing I did felt less believable or more fantastic than that. I guess it was the belief in Saturday that got me into trouble with my career as a fine artist - especially in the south. That's when I switched to writing. A typewriter was, far more compact than huge canvas stretchers, paint cans and thinners. It just made more sense when I had to leave town in a hurry."

He has been writing ever since. Mr. Bové entered the world of film production as a production assistant then quickly moved on to producing. Often as a producer and 1st Assistant Director of major television commercials. Most recently as a producer of Sundance Grand Jury Prize: Best Documentary award winner, Oscar nominated, "Capturing the Friedmanns." He has worked in virtually every facet of the film world. As an actor, stunt man, voice over artist as well as director-cameraman for a Portuguese documentary production shot during the Columbus Race aboard the tall ship "Sagres" and lateen rigged "Boa Esperanca" entitled "Columbus, Portuguese Spy?" He has taught film production at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He later went on to write and direct several projects: A pilot for children's programming entitled "The Cowboy Kid". A documentary on American Indians entitled "Wisdom of the Tribe" and a short film for CMEE entitled "Ice Scream" featured at the 2004 Atlanta Underground and Rome International Film Festivals. He has written countless music videos for artists ranging in style from Paul Shaffer & Lenny Kravitz to Wnyton Marsalis, and directed a music video for Lou Christie's comeback album.

He is presently writing and pitching film scripts and television shows to high level executives, actors and investors who are quickly falling in love with this soon to be major talent. Mr. Bové can be reached at [local telephone no]. If you can successfully state which of the above is simply fantasy blurred reality and which is truly real then you are the beneficary of a steak dinner compliments of Mr. Bové, unless of course you are a vegetarian. In which case you will enjoy a Jackie Robinson Health Juice from Lucky's Juice Point in NYC.

Mr. Bové once took me and Vel back to the LIRR station in Montauk. This is where I got his story. Considered it a gift all over 2008 and now, in early 2009, it was about time to share this.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Considering Irony A Tool Of Enlightenment?"

Ideology that leads to murder is stupid!

Friday, January 2, 2009

"JibJab - 2008 Year In Review"

"Funny Stuff: Out Of Duty"

A new invention on the hygiene market makes it possible. We don't need you anymore. Men will pee into plastic-bags with something like cat litter inside from now on. They can use this new product from plastic haven anywhere on the road. Good for you, you can grow flowers now, and enjoy hanging out in the back room of the pub. ;)