Friday, January 16, 2009

"Announcement - Shall Attend: Judith Butler Lecture at Dahlem Humanities Center"

Folks, I am rather excited about the evening plans for February 3rd now. Me and Miss Sunshine are planning to attend Judith Butler's lecture here in Berlin.

Expectations: An inspiring evening in academic atmosphere, going home with a head full of new questions.

Dreamy Fantasies: She will recognize me, talk to me, and congratulate me to my brilliant masters thesis ideas, before inviting me over to EGS or Berkeley for tutoring her future seminars whilst I prepare my PhD.

Fears: It's going to be crowded, the micro does not work and she is in a grumpy mood, the lecture will be really boring - which we wont even know, because we will slip on the melting ice of the streets of Neukölln, miss the trains to university, be too late to get into the conference hall, have to walk back in the rain because we lost our ticket whilst slipping. Both of us will catch a nasty flu that makes us unable to fulfill our current tasks (thesis, termpapers) which will delay the end of our studies even further which will lead to the fact that we will never successfully enter a career.

Right now I just hope the evening will live up to my expectations somehow. I shall report.

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