Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Simulation As Communication (2)"

Achilles: I think I got the reality thing now.
Tortoise (waking up, slowly opening her eyes): Did you? Well, then you are kinda clever, I have to admit.
Achilles: Ah, it was not that difficult. But something else strikes me as a complicated issue now.
Tortoise: And what would that be?
Achilles: What is imagination?
Tortoise: Imagination. Now that's not that easy. Let me put it like this: Imagination. Imagination is closer to seeing than to speaking. Imagination is enclosed within a longing, a longing which impels images and views that are not yet transformed into concepts and assertions.
Achilles: Vague.
Tortoise: Okay, I will try to be more specific. There is a feeling, intuition, sensation and judgement that is not guided by reason or rationality. More like a mirror of recognitions, indications which are not being spoken yet.
Achilles: Vague.
Tortoise: Yes, because every spoken word would miss the point in this case. The imaginary can't be spoken, it is exactly this difference between view and image and the spoken word that defines it.
Achilles: Vague.
Tortoise (nodding): Yes.

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veloner said...

i love these dialogues!! keep'em up girl!