Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Zensursula - How To Create Chinese Democracy In Germany"

Germany is still debating over internet censorship. Of course we have this one killing argument that we just want to stop people who abuse children for porn. With a simple linguistic trick you can confront people who are AGAINST CENSORSHIP for good reasons with the question "are you FOR sexual abuse of children then?!" Smart trick by the ministry of truth.. aehh.. interior affairs.
At least a small group of people were on the streets against the new possibilities of censorship (and NOT for the sick abuse of children, which is to be condemned and punished - but which, surprise, surprise, exists in countries without free speech on the net, too, maybe even more). There ARE already laws that make it possible to convict providers of those websites, there is NO NEED to change the law. Abuse IS already a crime in Germany.

Spread the word, as long as you are still able to ... .

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