Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Something I Thought To Be American - But I Was Wrong"

During my studies in NYC, I came accross a lot of advertising for the army on campus. I was irrtated - to say the least. So I did some research and realized that the US Army is not only trying to get students as their future soldiers, but also the underaged, "mall kids" being a typical victim of luring adds. I was angry - to say the least. Then again I was glad about Germany, where I had seen no army adds at all, not in school and hell not on campus, they wouldn't exist longer than about five minutes there, especially in Berlin. So, I thought, an all-American phenomenon.

I was wrong.

Last year, army adds were in cinemas, right next to the Marlboro man and beer sponsoring. Not for long, and not in my favourite cinemas though, so I didn't give it much more attention.
But this morning there was an article on the news I didn't want to ignore anymore. It is all about how the army tries to lure kids into their system. Eleven year olds in an adventure park, your friendly soldier from next door going on a parachute jump with you, climbing walls, doing group-sports. Sixteen year olds who are invited to a cool beach party with DJ Officer. "Girl's Day" girls piloting an helicopter. That sounds like so much fun, doesn't it?
Kids, it must be so funny in Afghanistan, too. Wanna join the army? You have to be sweet seventeen and a German citizen. Coming home traumatized and crippled inclusive. Isn't that an offer? Why doing civil service in a youth club if you can have a much better paid job in another club, too? DJ Officer will be with you. Good morning, Germany! Time to wake up.


Anonymous said...

hah! that's my new topic too - something i thought to be american but i was wrong. interesting observation!!

~SaS~ said...

Indeed. I really thought that that was all-American-only. So much for the "Americanization" of Old Europe ;).