Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Easter Egg 2008: Polish Impressionism, Szczecin (1)"

1. Kościół Piotra i Pawła (translates Cathedral of Peter and Paul).

2. Holocaust Memorial.


- Pommeranian capital in western Poland, founded at the turn of the 8th century, since then inhabited by Slavonic tribes, Christian missionaires, Polish sovereigns, Danish gentry, German merchants and clergy, Prussian military, Sovjet soldiers, American tourists and Polish web designers

- 12 000 unemployed women, 10 000 unemployed men

- criminal violence is retreating constantly since 1999

- work force: 153 000 people, around 75 % market and non-market service jobs, 25 % industrial work and building sector, less than 1 % agriculture

3. View from the south side of the Castle.

4. Baltic Sea.


Missbobette said...

Poland looks great. We should go next time I come ( at summer time maybe?). I'm not happy in the cold :D

Missbobette said...

PS: I love your new custo with the "Lille, Nord Pas de Calais" next to the French flag...
Absolutely love it ;)

Anonymous said...

man, you're just busy travelling around? looks great tho ...

Anonymous said...

sorry, nick should read what it now reads, of course!