Saturday, April 19, 2008

"What is Human Communication?"

Human communication is an artifice against loneliness until death.
(Vilém Flusser)

I am attending a close-reading seminar on Flusser this term. Humanities' codes and symbolic interactions are his major focus of research and thought. Among other topics, he wrote a great deal on how the invention of the "technical image", photography, changed our view of the world.
His philosophical writing is complimented for a provocative and lucid journalistic style, something I will probably appreciate as well as I am starting to read his "Kommunikologie".

If you are interested and able to understand German - the German Research Society published his lectures in Bochum, 1991, as audiostream HERE. Flusser is referring to work he started to put together at the university of Sao Paolo, in which he seeks to describe how we perceive the reality and regularities and systems surrounding us.

And now I recommend reading and return to my favourite pastime myself, starting with chapter one ... .

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