Sunday, April 13, 2008

"FreeSpace Dancing in Germany - Vacancies Of 21st Century Consumer Society"

They proclaim a need for free space and they have music, food and fire. A little different from the old squatting phenomena, the new FreeSpace Movements don't necessarily intend to live in a house that belongs to someone else without paying for it, right now they just occupy teardown houses for gathering and dancing.
With this, many people take part in the International Free Space Days. According to them, there is an urgent need for spaces which are not completely taken by the permanent pressure to consume or utilize. Apparently, it is not only those who are poor and living on the edge of society anymore, many others seem to share the feeling of being fed up with ever increasing input of guerilla advertising and branding of just about every aspect of people's everyday lives.

And can you really blame them?

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