Sunday, October 5, 2008

[googlage] "Palin Says"

Sarah Palin says Katie Couric interviews were "unfair".

Palin says she represents "Joe Six-pack".

Palin: US shouldn't second guess' defensive military steps.

Sarah Palin Says Katie Couric Annoyed Her.

Life on the Wicked Stage: Act 2. Sarah Palin says "Hi, Neighbor".

Pink Is Terrified Of Sarah Palin, Says She "Hates Women".

Sarah Palin says Obama "palling around" with terrorists.

Republican VP candidate: Sarah Palin says teen daugher is pregnant.

Palin says the war is from God and it's Gods plan.

Sarah Palin Says She Is Open To Teaching Creationism In Public Schools.

"Energy Expert" Sarah Palin Says Alaska Supplies Twenty Percent Of US Energy.

Sean Combs Is Scared Of Sarah Palin, Says She's "Worse Than The Boogeyman".

10/06/08, for breakfast

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veloner said...

thank you so much for this! moore! ps. i forwarded your URL to Jesse, he's on blogspot too.