Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Conversations From The Void: Heathen Social Critique"

Just got to "know" someone who created a Walden-like persona for himself. He retreated from contemporary German society, created his own world within it though - something he would probably deny. He re-named himself, went into self-sustaining agricultural life, and apparently got deeply into heathen German mythology. He is a staunch basic-democrat, currently trying to rebuild the ancient "Thing"-law and order structure on his land. Step by step, he is giving up all superfluous things, and he favours living in a completely unmediated reality: no money, soon there will be no internet-connection as well, and he prefers bartering over money-mediated ways of exchanging. There is no belief in the state at all, no trust in politics, no trust in the police, and no trust at all in protestant ethics and the related ways of life. Judged by his letters, a well educated Robinson who set up his goal to proove that actually there is an alternative system which - in his point of view - has more advantages than disadvantages compared to our system. Recently, I observed more and more interest in traditional tribal structures in Germany. Many people seem to ask what was there before Christianity took up his sword these days. There seems to be a need for clear and simple structures, probably a retreat from information overload, as - in this example - harsh media criticism goes along with his thoughts on how to organize a social life. Also, I somehow found another argument for explaining why Constructivism seems to be a good way of thinking.


So far, not all of my questions are being answered, but I already figured out that he has quite some interesting points. And there is already one question that answers itself:

Who am I to judge?

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interesting addition to your topics..! hey girl, i'm wondering how you're doing these days. not having too much time myself, i'd still be happy to hear from you again.. read..
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