Monday, November 3, 2008

"Funny Stuff From German Polit-Talk: On Privatising The German Rail"

Just watched a discussion (educated mainstream media polit-talk blabla) on privatising the German Rail. Main focus of the discussion is the wage of the top dogs of the to-be private company. Knowing the English rail system (private) and the French one (state), every traveller is confident that the latter provides better service for the customers. So why is Germany following the former? Gambling again?

I guess those guys will have to restrict internet access to keep their business models going anyways, as more and more people avoid trains - no matter if private or state regulated. Car-sharing, organized in online-forums like this one, gains more and more popularity. I am sure the ministry of the interior would love to get rid of our beloved communications and mobilizations tool anyways ... .


I guess the German Rail would be very grateful. Just wondering ... .

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