Saturday, November 8, 2008

"21st Century Critical Art: Sasha Zivkovic's SAINTS AT WORK"

There is a new exhibition opening in Berlin-Wedding next week. Apart from several other artist, Sasha Zivkovic is presenting his "Saints at Work" project.

He uses the iconography of Gothic stained glass to deliver ironic commentaries on contemporary corporate life.

I am looking forward to see his work in a non-cmc-way. Anyone who shares my interest by now is welcome to his blog:

... or to the exhibition, of course: Koloniestr. 10 in Berlin, Wedding, Nov 13th-Nov 22nd.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for that link! very interesting work. have fun going!
btw, news is up about the conference. i gathered some info on the next academic step. guess what's one of my favorites - the NYU steinhardt schools's counseling psychology program!
any info on that school's welcome!