Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Corral Berlin Wuhlheide: On Trailers, Vans and Microcosms"

For about 17 years now, there is a trailer-park / corral existing inside a larger public park in the old East. Took a stroll there yesterday, and found myself in a different, yet pretty charming world. Pippi Longstocking would have loved it - and so did I.
Members of the so called "Institute of Vitality" were living there for quite a while, but only few of them are left now, according to the club's homepage.
Next door to each other are living punks, hippies, eco-freaks and what is so accurately designated in the self-description as "normal people". They have some laws to regulate their togetherness, reminding the visitor of the good old camp-site rules from boyscouts summer trips.
As it was a chilled Winter-Sunday, most people were inside, smoke coming from their little chimneys on the rooftops of the wagons. Inside the club's office, a member meeting was just being held. A meeting I didn't want to disturb yesterday, even though I intend on getting to know their way of life a little more in the future ... maybe some of them are up for a little chat one day.

I shall be back.

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