Tuesday, February 12, 2008

[Googlage] "Obama Says"

Obama says wins demonstrate campaign's viability.

Obama says despite shortcomings of Bush administration, impeachment is not acceptable.

Obama says Clinton would be a step back.

Clinton Is New to Nafta Criticism, Obama Says.

Kennedy Endorsement Of Obama Says Something, Just Not What You Think.

Obama Says He’s NOT Ga…er, Muslim.

Obama Says What?!?!?

Obama says we can aspire to something greater.

Obama says SC win turns a page.

Obama says democratic voters passionate.

Obama says no one should be forced to sign up for insurance.

Obama says he might send troops to Pakistan.

Obama says change is coming.

Obama says no.

Obama says GOP will have dirt on Clinton.

Obama says he'd be better agains McCain.

Obama says stronger than McCain on climate change.

Obama says it was a turn, not a snub.

Obama says he'd consider Arnold for his cabinet.

Obama says there is nothing more to add.

Obama says Edwards is inconsistent.

Obama says he can unite U.S. more effectively than Clinton.

Obama says take the California low carbon fuel standard nationwide.

Obama says Clintons are twisting his words.

02/12/2008, around noon

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