Monday, February 11, 2008

"Short Trip To Provenance - On A Personal Note, Homie"

Took the beloved luxury of being able to master my own time for a short trip to the Ruhr area: still Germany's finest, I'd say - well, in the West, that is ... .
As I was driving home tonight - by car, a necessary survival tool most people are depending on in this region - I was following my old ritual of singing along as loud as I can to my all time favourite tunes whilst drifting away in some quiet good regional memories, both old and recent ones.
After a while (nothing more meditative than being on wheels with good music and landscape passing by), I got into questioning whether letting go of some places you lived in is actually good or bad. In a way, everyone who moves has to let go of the old to cherish the new, most people would say. And part of me agrees.
Then again, when it comes down to it, I never let go of any of the places I laid my head and called home (home number one, two, three, four, etx.). Especially this area still feels like home, almost like my current home number one. But also the other homes I had so far - England and NYC - apparently stay what they were to me, exactly like this red splash on the German map.
I kept asking myself why during that ride.
The answer was short and simple: I liked them all. And I still like them.
I still got some good people there, too, which strongly contributes to the liking-part of the last sentences. Seeing them again every once in a while shows me that I got a life there. And even if I don't get to some of these places again in the foreseeable future, it also feels like I am still living there in a way. All of these places made me grow and I carry them around with me throughout my days.

Quite a lucky tree who has roots that nurture him spread all over the world, I would say.

Well, that really seems to hit the spot ;o).

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Anonymous said...

das nänn ich doch homie-hometown-swip-swappin': hocke im frostigen brooklyn und lese deinen trip zum bergerdenkmal, während du mir ne note im stdvz dalässt. jawoll!

in eins muss ich jedoch disagreen, madame: das ruhrgebiet ist eine der areas, wo man wohl am wenigsten auto braucht. ich habe 22 jahre lebeerfahrung als autorität hinter meinem rücken stehen und bedrohlich winken, falls du zu widersprechen wagst. weder ich noch meine elters haben je ein auto besessen und wir sind immer gut gefahren in den verschiedenen vehikeln zwischen den orten.

können wir mal wieder telefonieren? wat is mit skype? oder mit festnetz? meld dich mal messengermäsitsch. thanks.