Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Montauk, Long Island"

Recently spent my day there with Vel. A beautiful and calm place at the top of Long Island ...

Beach scene: The ocean, sand, waves, seagulls, cheapish surf-style clothing- and souvenir-shops, some restaurants, and some small hotels and holiday homes. Everything slowing down. People are relaxing, enjoying their day off from the city, as much as I do. Go swimming, then quickly back onto the towel to dry your skin, being happy being lazy.
Pancakes for lunch at an Irish-American pancake restaurant. Again it strikes me, how many Irish immigrants started a new life in the New World.
Inside, there are a lot of memories stuck on the wall. Next to the essential shamrock and the even more essential family photos, TIME magazine found its place - Heidi Klum inside an expensive red ragtop, presumably on her way from a shooting in The City to this beach to spend her day as laid-back as we do.

Later, on our way back to the station, the cab driver tells us a short version of his story, how he just came here two weeks ago to spend his holidays and then simply decided to stay. He also has his CV printed out, hands it out to me soon after admitting his affection as we are leaving for the train.

Yet another story for the seagulls.

All made-up? All true? It's again up to mine own interpretation, like so much in this country ...

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