Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Seagulls Revisited"


There ain't no better things to do on a Labor Day weekend than visiting a familiar face in an unfamiliar place!

This weekend it was about time to get out of Manhattan for a while, time to get on the LIRR train to Port Jefferson Station. Time to enjoy the beauty of Long Island, time for a long walk and a good talk. Time for collecting shells and stones - as always when I get to the beach. Belle Terre, the mirror world, the wonderland, the land that makes you wonder about the stories it tells.

Back in The City it continues to tell its stories to me. I listen carefully tonight, I promise.

And who knows? Maybe, one day, someone else is walking the shiny happy streets of this enclave, and the cry of the seagulls is telling him yet another story - my story ...


Anonymous said...

what beauty there is that is, what beauty I read;
what kinds of beauty revisited tells you here like otherwise and nowhere;

holler thy path it shall resound

amidst the street names, the dead ends, the hidden roads down

to the beach, to the beach where

speaks where the animals,
dead and ashore,
alive and in limousines,


Anonymous said...

woooaaahhhh - and say what? ya startin' to use AE right away labOr day *grin* - I'm so dead proud of you! enjoy a very happy special day today and have a kickass start of the week!