Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Been on "Top of the Rock". Recently. Saw The City from another perspective. A bird's perspective. Distances shrinking. Time standing still for a while. Taking one step - well actually it was 72 floors, but it felt like just one big step in this fast pacing tiny little elevator full of anxious tourists - out of the world. Gazing into the future, gazing into the past whilst being closer to the sun than a couple of minutes ago. A moment of reflexivity. A "panoramic" moment.

And if you put your finger on the Empire State in the middle and go one step to the right, closer to the Hudson river that flows between New Jersey and The City, you can spot where I am sitting right now. In the village, inside my dorm, in front of one of my favourite toys. Take a telescope, maybe you can see me *waving* ...

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