Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Leaving New York Never Easy"

There she is, sitting in front of her computer and checking back on her flight schedule online. Apart from a little naughty delayed flight in sweet little London town, everything seems to be okay, the big iron birds are all on time it seems. Got my stuff in my bags, handed in all papers, and still got one precious day left in The City - intending to meet friends to have a proper last supper and say goodbye for now.

Once I am back in black in Europe I will return, and probably give you quite a few final thoughts about living and studying in New York. It is also quite likely that I will continue to enlighten your life with reporting from "small town" Berlin, Germany.

In case I don't make it on time, I wish you a nice Christmas and make it a merry one, lads!

So long,

... and I leave you with


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Anonymous said...

"small town" ... pfffffffft! laescherlisch, madame!!! ;-)