Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Snow White - Frostbite"

Yes, there was snow in The City!

Today, it is all gone again and the sun is shining - which is really good actually, as it'll drag me away from my computer - as soon as I have finished this final exam thingy.

Another weather condition that drags me out of my dorm is the fact that there are visitors from yet another island in The City - I already very much enjoyed their British company for one evening, including having to smell "wet dog" again, and reciting nasty slang words whilst walking up Christopher from the piers, and almost gotten brain-eaten by a gargoyle.

You don't believe that? Well, I admit, I never thought I'd be brave enough to hold my nose over a glass of Hobgoblin again ...
Ah - you don't believe the gargoyle thing either. Well, we spent parts of the evening at a very suitable location in The Village, a restaurant and social club for explorers and mad scientists. And apart from fiddling death, Jekyll and Hyde in cages, a pretty exhausted Frankenstein on a stretcher and Sir Standalot in the corner, there was a hungry gargoyle staying quite close to our table.
Very hungry.
VERY hungry.
He was willing to trade his wings for brains in the end. Of course everyone denied initially. And so did I.

Then I gave it some second thoughts.

My brain. A pretty nasty greyish blob inside my skull. Smells probably rather disgusting, too.

.... Wings ....

My brain. A greyish blob that makes me stay in libraries, in front of white sheets of paper, and behind books since quite a few years now.

.... Wings ....

My brain. A blob that makes me write final exams and essays and papers and response papers all over again.

.... Wings ....

Hmmm ....

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