Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Carboniferous Charlie and the Blackleg Miner"

Charlie: "Creeping to work now, right?"
Miner: "Fook off."
Charlie: "Got them buddies freezing outside the factory gate, and you? What's that?!"
Miner: "Man, got me money to earn. Got me wife to feed. Got a litte lad dis summa."
Charlie: "Got a little one next summer, too, right? Others got mouths to feed, too, right?"
Miner (blushes): "Fook off."
Charlie: "This is not only about you anymore, this is about justice!"
Miner: "Fook justice. Justice never fed me belly."
Charlie: "And she never will if you leave them now."
Miner (irritated): "Aw, man, stick to your own business."
Charlie: "If you leave now, nothing will ever change!"
Miner: "Man, change never paid me rent so far, why would it now?"
Charlie (irritated): "But you gotta show them that they cannot do this to you. I mean, they can't, can they?"
Miner: "Wake up, mate, they can!"
Charlie (blushes): "But - "

Exit Miner, leaving Charlie quarrelling with dismay.

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