Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Roots, Bloody Roots"

Anyone up for growing roots on a cliff?

It is THE thing to do these days, as my observing and trend-spotting eye already witnessed a couple of years ago on that island in the Baltic Sea. I assume it will become even more fashionable during the next decades.

Growing roots on cliffs has quite a few advantages:

It can get a little tough in the beginning, but once you got stuck, you can breathe calmly, even in the roughest of coastal-storms.
It can get a little prickly at some parts, but then again the others are washed out smoothly from all the wind and water.

Every once in a while you can do a treesome with the beech trees next door.
You get the best of the early mornings sunrise and a lovely sunset on the beach day in day out.
It is the place to have the best of fire-dances during a hot summer's night.
You can dream away some hours and no one blames you for that.
And last but not least, you can be a safe haven for quite a lot of birds, a very inspiring, responsible and rewarding job on this planet.

Alright, folks, keep me posted on applications!

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