Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Witten Impressions - Valleys of the Green and the Grey"

I didn't want to leave you for your journey through 2008 without sending a few impressions from one of the home bases:
Witten, close to the Ruhr river in Western Germany, THE place to be a born-and-bred ex-citizen of! The river was a little grey that day I walked over familiar bridges. But hey, there's usually a lot of green and blue around. Late December might not have been the best time of the year to take environmental pictures. Depending on what sight you prefer, of course. I was all up for 'Green and Grey' - as ever.

And I was pleased to see that not much changed in that area.

Well, apart from the pedestrian sign in the town centre of the suburb Herbede, a place where I spent much of my youth:

... If I catch those kids who dare to put a "Wattenscheid" sticker on OUR traffic signs ... %!{=\§§!


Missbobette said...

Wattensheid? For us non- German speaker, it'd be useful to know what it means. If you say so, I'll ask Hercule Poirot to find out for you :D

~SaS~ said...

It's a - well, it calls itself a town. I guess that's what it is ;o) ... so yes, if Hercule could do that job for me, I'd be most thankful. I owe you one for suggesting him!

Anonymous said...

jeez, I can't believe this place still exists.