Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Margreiter: Humboldt Media Philosophy - Day Two"

Seven. René Descartes. Imaginary spaces and the appearance of the modern author. Ratio instead of God-given truth. Dependence from both reader and ruler?

Eight. Otto Neurath. Vienna Circle, very left-wing. ISOTYPE. Education by the eye. Pictograms are talking, are they?

Nine. Frank Hartmann. Mediology. Symbolization. Communicative code. Data storage medium. Distribution network. Interaction?

Ten. Werner Konitzer. Havelock. Alphanumeric code bred philosophy. Platon. Truth is a choice?

Eleven. Werner Konitzer, again. Husserl. Platon. Speech and writing complement one another. Is there a corrective?

Twelve. Werner Konitzer, the sequel. Simmel. Luhmann. Wittgenstein. With each new medium comes a new space for reflexion. Decontextualisation, recontextualisation?

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