Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Margreiter: Humboldt Media Philosophy - Day Three"

Thirteen. Mike Sandbothe. Pragmatism and theory. Usability and coherence versus l'art pour l'art. Media technology and politics versus semiotics. Final goal: democratising the public?

Fourteen. Mike Sandbothe. Transversal pragmatism. Reconstructing Wolfgang Welsch. Make theory more useful. But it is already useful, isn't it?

Fifteen. Mike Sandbothe. Internet. Media are social constructions. Hypertext is hot, linear texts are cool. Transmediality within the computer and within the net. It's all about the user, is it?

Sixteen. Alexander Roesler. De Saussure was missing the medium. A medium is part of the process of the creation of meaning. There is no meaning without a medium. But what is a phone call?

Seventeen. Stefan M√ľnker. After the medial turn. Mediaphilosophy is only philosophy of NEW media. Philosophy engages in disambiguation. The rest is media theory. Oh, and let's get back to the sublime, right?

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