Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Simulation As Communication (3)"

Tortoise: Now, wanna know what the impact of imagination is?
Achilles: Yes, tell me!
Tortoise: Imagination has the ability to combine reality with fiction.
Achilles: Really?!
Tortoise: Yes.
Achilles: Okay... Tortoise -
Tortoise: Yes?
Achilles: What is fiction?
Tortoise: You're so predictable, I knew you'd ask exactly that question within the next two minutes.
Achilles: Well -
Tortoise: Fiction. Fiction is not only that which is invented. It is more. The power of fiction lies in the realm of the symbolic. Fiction and reality are only on the surface oppositions. Fictions showa certain difference to the experienced world. They create a rift. They allow us to step back and think beyond what is existing. This ability can lead to actions, these actions can create what was fiction before.
Achilles: So fiction is necessary for progress?
Tortoise: Indeed. You have to have a vision in order to move on.
Achilles: And do you?
Tortoise: Well, right now there is no gap, no rift between fiction and reality for me.
Achilles: How so?
Tortoise (yawning): That, my dear friend, I will explain the next time we meet ... (falls asleep).

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