Monday, August 25, 2008

"Margreiter: Humboldt Media Philosophy - Day One"

One. Marshall Mc Luhan. Interesting ideas on amputation. Show time. Madonna's little brother of Media Philosophy. Presidential candidate?

Two. Jean Baudrillard. French pessimism deluxe. Everything is hyperreal. We need to get viral. Do we?

Three. Vilém Flusser. Exile. Caught between new media affirmation and technophobia. The magical consciousness needs to be overcome. Does it?

Four. Paul Virilio. Acceleration is a crime. Hollywood are the wings of war. Media the penultimate weapon. Apocalypse now?

Five. Neil Postman. Infantised subjects staring at screens. Reading is reason. Watching tv is not. Teaching media helps?

Six. Friedrich Kittler. Delayed. Due to a misunderstanding.

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