Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Margreiter: Humboldt Media Philosophy - Day Four"

Eighteen. Friedrich Kittler. Saving information is not only preserving it. Above all, it is spatializing the time-dimension. A text and a score are a storage of time. Only through a medium, information and data can be thought. How do we use media responsibly?

Nineteen. Sybille Krämer. A medium appears only within intermedial performance or an error. Meaning is constituted in distribution.

Twenty. Stefan Weber. Criticises Lasswell and Maletzke. Wants a non-dualistic media philosophy. Is kind of close to neo-pragmatism. And fights successfully against plagiarism. (*fg*)

Twenty-one. Hartmut Winkler. Integrates methods of semiotics, dialectic social theory and psychoanalysis. Language influences structures and structures influence language. It's all about interdependence.

Twenty-two. Oswald Schwemmer. Media are dynamic systems. Their structures influence the form of the articulation. Interdependence between determination and active creation.

Twenty-three. Lorenz Engell. The medium itself philosophizes?

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