Friday, October 26, 2007

"Brighton Beach: The Story of Lucky Me and the Last Summer's Day (3)"

Q: And you spent quite some time there, I guess?

LM: Sure I did, um, I mean I already had most of the photos I needed, so I took a short nap, napping is a necessity one of my friends always said, and had a cold and sparkling late afternoon drink in one of those dubious brown paper bags, and walked along the shore for quite a while. It's been pretty crowded for the end of season, still many people enjoyed their sunny day out there.

Q: I am sure they did. So after your break, where you up for shooting some more pictures?

LM (laughing out loud): Indeed, indeed, I was up for some more shooting, man, I was so up for more shooting ...

Q (baffled): Well, Lucky Me, thank you for providing some more insights into your working life in New York City.

LM: You're welcome.

Alright, folks, we are already at the end of the show again. It's been a pleasure and it's about time for dinner by now. Stay tuned, and I leave you with this.

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