Friday, October 5, 2007

"Jarraf & Katz"

>> Aw, man, look at those ... I definitely need to get one of those ones! But which one is the best? What do you think, man?! >>
<< Dude, you gotta go back to the shop now. It's about time. You need to come up with a decision rather quickly. <<
>> I know, but awww, man, this is fuckin' hard for me, you know. I mean, they are all kinda cool, you know, like really cool, you know, like awesome stuff, man. >>
<< Sure, but still we need to go now. There'll be customers coming soon and they want to see you and have you hold their dogs and kids and take photos of you and stuff, you know. So come on now. <<
>> Hang on, just a second, man, just a second - I think I'll go for the greenish one, man, what do you think? >>
<< Perfect, get the green one, and then let's go - QUICKLY! <<
>> You sure? Maybe the blue one looks better.. like, you know, like old school, like pretty much more like this kinda stuff, like, man. >>
<< True, get the blue one. And then come on, dude! <<
>> The blue one, well. But - hang on, man, wait a second - maybe the yellow one fits better to like my shirt and stuff. I probably should go for that one. >>
<< The yellow one then. Fine. NOW! <<
>> Wait a second, wait a second. But, man, if I like get the yellow one, like, wouldn't that be like invisible, I mean, like more like the color of my spots and stuff? >>
<< True. Don't get it. But now, we REALLY have to GO! <<
>> Could get the red one though. What do you think, I mean, like with the shirt and the spots and stuff. Pretty awesome, man, and it like glitters and stuff, you know. Maybe that red one, that's like the best one. >>
<< Dude, I really don't have time for this. It is NOW or NEVER! You drive me fuckin' mental with that stuff! We NEED to go NOW! So leave it and come on! <<
>> Alright man, I go for the red one. I mean it's like so red you know, like really red, like old school red and like, like a little retro red, too. What do you think, man? >>
<< DUDE! <<


Anonymous said...

:D u made the gal out in PJ laugh, thanks for, like, I needed that, man. Am stuck in bt/Pragmatism + Technological issues. Wish I could've been there w/u gal. Did u use a Diktiergerät?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sassy, I kept reading your blog and I do think that you are getting into US way of life and irremediatly, the way of speaking too.
Do not forget where you come from and do not forget Shakespeare and our beautiful Coventry... lol.
Anyway, next week France is going to beat England for a rugby game (telling you this as news from Europe hehe) Hope you have fun.
Take it easy and speak to you soon.
(And don't make fun of my English pleaaaase...) Bisous

~SaS~ said...

my dear clairette!

I wont speak Ameeericcäään Inglish, never. And of COURSE I still know where I come from. Lovely Covcov and Shaxey are still highly appreciated over here. ;o)
I am just "observing The Other" ;o).
bisous bisous,


@vel: all made up, any similarity with some kind of familiar reality is purely coincidental... ;o). cu soonio