Monday, October 15, 2007

"The King of Diamonds' Tour through Coney Island (1)"

First and most important of all: the B train is NOT going to Brighton Beach during the weekend. You have to take the D to Pacific Street and change there for the Q.
Ability to read is a clear advantage - it would have saved me approximately 45 minutes I spent sitting at West 4th Street station waiting for the never coming B yesterday. That's what I got for neglecting the option that there could indeed be different schedules on a Sunday - I mean, all the shops are open as well, right? So why should the trains do something different, everything else in this wonderland being 24/7?
Anyways, once I figured out that I was mistaken, I managed to get to the mirrorworld called "Little Odessa" safe and sound. Spasiba! Time for lunch in "Gina's Café". Gina - or the cook that is working for her - is doing a great "Salad Vesna"! If you like a tremendous amount of dill with your cucumber that is. I do. He is also doing a pretty strong cup of black gold that keeps not only travellers awake for the whole day.

And there she is:

The Beauty of Brooklyn, not yet asleep, but most certainly in the huddling up end-of-season mood that catches all of us strolling down her boardwalk, carrying the heavy sun upon our faces. People still enjoy the remnants of this years sunny summer days very much.

They play volleyball.

They go fishing.

Or they simply take their dogs
for a nice and long beach walk.

If they are not to occupied with
feeding the seagulls, that is.

No doubt, all of them enjoy their own little Soviet Shore in the outer rim of New York City - and so did I ...


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Anonymous said...

girl, your pictures are stunning.
I so much hope the rain's gonna stop for the weekend for another trip, this time with the poets from Long Island!