Monday, October 15, 2007

"The King of Diamonds' Tour through Coney Island (3)"

The King of Diamonds made me walk the whole some two miles long boardwalk next to the beach.

In the end, a short part of private property makes all the pedestrians turn around or right towards the streets of Coney Island town. The people there play the game according to their own rules. A huge fence covers the area.

I spent some five minutes making up stories about the inhabitants, but then the King lured me away from that thought by suggesting to have a hot-dog and some fries at the nearby Nathan's Famous.

I figured that it was not only time for food, but also time for my FIRST American hot dog, so I took the invitation (thanks again for that one, sir!). Me and my stomach enjoyed it quite a lot - and I am still laughing about the story of this place being the only fast food restaurant of the whole New York area that offers fried frog legs. Black Mamba, you gotta go there one day!
Also, I am still trying to figure out how the fuck any human being with the common size entrails of that species can be able to down 66 Nathan's Famous hot dogs in twelve (12!) minutes. Joey from California, the recent winner of the Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest did it. Little me on the contrary was perfectly fine with finishing the not worth mentioning amount of two of them in a little more than twelve minutes.

Afterwards I kept walking with the King of Diamonds across Coney Island center and some
rather rich residential area (as the rumors go, someone sharing Putin's name is said to have bought a place there, but who knows?) for another while before our ways parted again at the local train station - always remember to take the Q back to The City on a Sunday!

Thanks to the King of Diamonds for introducing me to his realm!


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